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Thinking BCN

Meet us, discover who we really are and feel cared by us. Specify all the services you will need so to start working as soon as possible. Welcome questionnaire to know your preferences and desires.

Getting Settled

Tour of the city and explanation of neighbourhood, report with photos of selected households, prepare agenda of visits and personal assistance on them, advice contract negotiation lease, coordination of down payment, home inspection, check-in, inventory and handover.

Before Arrival

Search and sending of information regarding households, rental and schools. Contracting of internet and landline, exchange of driving license, initial advices and tips to adjust to the new life, cultural orientation. Booking of a temporary accommodation.

Getting your Spanish ID

Information about general procedures, support and personal assistance to arrange the appointment and get: residence permit NIE, city hall registration and other needed documentation.

Day-to-day life

Management of supplies and services, selection and recruitment of home staff, support for the purchase and rental of furniture, personal shopper real state, support in the purchase and rental of vehicles.

Goodbye BCN

Completion of the lease, supplies and services, recovery of deposits and bank guarantees, cancellation of direct bank debits, consular and vehicle registration, finalise enrolment from school, coordinate cleaning in the house and moving.

Things you need to know

Our goal through Relocation Services Barcelona is to simplify how complicated it can be the process of "landing" in a new city or country, and how this affects the family's welfare and expatrite's productivity.

May we help you?

Our support as relocation agency may be key to make you feel "at home" in Barcelona! Providing personalitzed service is key at each stage of the process. Ongoing counseling provides you with a quick, productive and effective adaptation, in his new environment, both in personal and professional life as geographical.

Obtaining significant savings in time and money for both, the company and the expatriate facilitating their rapid integration is achieved optimize your investment.

As a Barcelona relocation agency we provide information about the daily life, with particular emphasis on the areas of your interest such as homes in residential sites, schools, gyms or sport clubs.
According to the information previously by a moving survey, in Relocation Services Barcelona, we seek and select homes to match the budget, preferences and requirements of our client. We then prepare a report with photos, description, and shedule of visits, accompaniment to pre-selected houses; we provide support during contract negotiation, etc.
We take care of all the required steps to ensure a comfortable and relaxed departure.

It's time to move to Barcelona

Choosing a Place to live in

Our People

We are a team of professionals who have personally gone throught the process of expatriation. It is so familiar to us that we know even the smallest detail about it. In Relocation Services Barcelona we experienced the emotional cost os the process, so we know how to help you manage each steps for a fast, simple, and successful relocation.

Why us??

Warm and personalized services
We are with the expatriate from the beginning, because we believe that an effective relocation must be accompanied by warmth and empathy and the whole process has to be tailored to each different individual.

As we have personally experienced the expatriation process, we are aware of potential issues that might derive from the process and we get everything ready before your arrival. Do not worry about anything!

Fast, efficient and quality work
We are working from the beginning of the process to attend all your needs as soon as they appear, ensuring the efficiency of our services and giving the best quality possible.

Enjoy the process
We want our customers to enjoy the process as it affects the welfare of the family and also the expatriate's productivity, both the executive's and the individual's.



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Initial Questionnaire

  • Assistance and advice at home search
  • Up to 5 properties viewing
  • Organize and personally visit the select properties
  • Lease negotiation
    Open bank account
  • Exclusive help line 2 weeks
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Welcome Pack 080

  • Assistance and advice at home search
  • 8-10 property viewing
  • Organize and personally visit the select properties
  • Lease negotiation
    Exclusive help line 3 weeks
  • Telephone and internet connection
  • Ask now


Welcome Pack 080 + Assistance and advice at home search

  • 10-15 property viewing
  • Personally visit the select properties
  • Lease negotiation
  • Management of utilities / Telephone and internet connection
  • ½ Preview Tour / Help line 1 month
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Includes all services

  • Premium Pack
  • + School Pack:
    Explanation of schools
    Help on application
  • + Administrative Pack:
    City hall registration

  • + 1 day preview tour
  • + Health Card
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